Friends with benefits

Hullo babiess. So friends with benefits eh? I know some of you guys are reading this because you think I’m going to share some vivid experience, eeyah πŸ˜‚.

What are friends with benefits? It’s pretty direct stuff: it’s two friends deciding to add sexual benefits to their friendship. It’s simple and yet so complex at the same time.

It’s actually a somewhat controversial topic because people get confused about whether it’s a good idea or not. But frankly though, a lot of people are in these relationships these days.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of having a friends with benefits relationship, yes?

1. Intimacy whenever you want it: When I say intimacy, I’m not talking ‘I love you so much, I want to know you to the depths of your soul’, I’m talking about getting what you want sexually without stressing. Your partner is only one call away and you don’t need to start worrying about any extra stuff, unlike if you’re in a relationship. For example, if you need to scratch your itch πŸ˜‚, you can pretty much just call them up and they’d be down. Easy stuff πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ.One-call-away

2. Freedom: In a friends with benefits relationship, you’re freeeee like a birdπŸ€ΈπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ ! You’re not attached to anybody relationship or anything wise and you don’t owe your partner anything; you guys are just friends who chose to get involved so no jealousy and no excess emotions. If you decide to have another friend with benefits or begin an actual relationship, you’re free to because you’re single like a pringle.Single-pringle

3. Friendship and sexual satisfaction: This is two for the price of one, hehe. You have both friendship and sexual satisfaction in one relationship. Sweet eh? You can call up your friend to be a friend and you can also call them up for the benefits orrr you can just do both 😌.

1. You catch feelings: This frankly is the biggest problem with friends with benefits’ relationships: someone usually catches feelings. I’m not saying everyone does but a good majority of people in these types of relationships usually just fall in feelings after some time. So yeah, this type of relationship might not be great when you begin to catch feelings. Especially with the jealousy, oh the jealousy that you have no right to feel mehn.

And the most painful part, with or without feelings, your partner owes you nothing, nada, zilch, zero.


2. Disrespect: A friends with benefits breeds disrespect, truly. Only a small percentage of people can handle this relationship with maturity, boundaries and respect and it’s hard to find because honestly, most people don’t have sense. When something goes wrong in your friendship, you’ll get insulted and dragged around like a mop just because sex. With an immature person, regret is certainly certain.


3. Friendship gets ruined: There usually comes a time where a friends with benefits relationship will become about just the sex if feelings don’t interfere first, of course. This sucks especially when you’re trying to be a friend to your friend but they’re just thinking about sex. A friends with benefits relationship then becomes a purely sexual relationship which of course won’t sit well with one partner which is usually the girl if we’re being honest. And voila, the beginning of the end.

4. Illusion of comfort: It’s super easy to get comfortable in a friends with benefits relationship. You think ‘Oh I have a friend in this person and we have great sexual energy. I don’t need anyone else’ but this thought is deceptive. Very deceptive. If you’ve had this thought recently and you’re in a friends with benefits relationship, shut it out. Your partner owes you nothing so you really have no right to feel this comfort. This is harsh but true and you have to get it into. your. head.

5. STDs: Lool, this isn’t a joke oh. Your partner could have another partner and some of these STDs don’t show on the face. So one day you’re clean, the next day you’re seriously scratching your genitals.

The most annoying part about it is it’s really your business because your partner still doesn’t owe you anything, once again.


Looking at the pros and cons, it might be a little hard to decide if being in a friends with benefits relationship is a good choice (or not 🌚). I have tried to be as equal as possible in telling you the pros and cons of being in a friend with benefits relationship so it’your choice. To be or not to be?

Till my next blog post, babies 😊.

Burgers ‘n’ Shakes

Have you ever heard of a cute little place called Burgers ‘n’ Shakes? If you haven’t, you’ve heard it from me now and you’re welcome 😊.

Hi guys. I know it’s been ages I posted anything but I’m going to try to be more consistent with my blog posts though I can’t really promise anything πŸ˜….

So back to the topiccc of discussion: Burgers’n’Shakes 😊. First, a little background story: I had my first burger about 3 months ago and I was determined to find the best burger. Why? I was told the one I had was trash though it tasted nice to me. I somehow discovered ‘Burgers’n’Shakes on Google maps and I was determined to try it because if a place had burgers in its name, they must sell excellent burgers. So voila, I landed there with two of my favourite people.

Burgers’n’Shakes is this extremely cute little burger restaurant located in Adeniran Ogunsanya. It’s opposite Polaris bank which is two buildings away from Adeniran Ogunsanya shopping mall, popularly known as ShopRite. I had honestly never noticed it before till I found it so it might be easy to miss.

Such a eenie bitsy sign

When I got inside, the first thought that occured to me was ‘Wow, it’s pretty small but oh my God, it’s so cute 😭😭’. There were only two people inside so it was really chill; I liked the ambience but I really don’t know how it’d be when it’s full πŸ˜….

I found a place with my features 😌

We sat down and got the menu and perused (such a funny word, hehe) it and I feel their prices are pretty reasonable. I got the combo meal and a milkshake because I’m still not sure I like smoothies (why aren’t they smooth? I don’t get it 😭) and I hadn’t had a milkshake before.

Ze menu
Burgers’n’shakes burger and shake πŸ˜‚

After 30 minutes of waiting, we got our orders. The fries were lacking in crispiness, both the sweet potatoes and the Irish but somehow, it was still sweet πŸ€”. The milkshake was really delicious πŸ‘…: it was extremely creamy and had a hint of coffee though I wonder why we weren’t asked before the coffee was added 🀨. The chicken was supposed to be wings but they had no wings so we got chicken thighs (which I even prefer, tee hee 😌) and it was actually quite nice though tiny. I wanted more 😭. Also I didn’t see any coleslaw, sly people πŸ˜’.

Now for the burger which should be their selling point. The burger was a little more than average, like a 7 over 10. I liked it but some ingredients were lacking and the cheese was really really thin; at first I thought I didn’t have any sef πŸ˜….

One of my favourite people got the mega burger and though it was a mouthful (I know ‘cos I took a bite 😌), was still a little lacking as well. Like I don’t eat leaves but I didn’t see any lettuce 🌚.

So would I recommend Burgers’n’Shakes? Yes, I would. It’s really cute and cute things are adorable plus it’s affordable. They’re also available on Jumia foods so you can order in if you’re a lazy bum like me, hehe.

Until my next blog post, bye babies 😊.


My Corp Diary: Last two weeks in camp and leaving Adamawa

So second week in camp passed by really quickkk. But I’m lying right now because every day in camp was slow: the sun was usually out by 5am and it set by 6, 7pm. It really sucked 😭.

Nothing particularly eventful happened during the second week of camp apart from the fact that I developed a cold in a state that hardly got rain (I’m still trying to figure this out πŸ€”) and I participated in man-o-war activities πŸ˜†. I would post pictures of my scared-half-to-death face but I left them in Adamawa because I fell ill on the day we were leaving camp (more on this laterrr). Also they began to throw people in the guard room πŸ˜‚. I’ll tell you why.

Throwing people in the guard room like…

When we first got to camp, the soldiers were really lenient with us when it came to respect and following orders. People told me that apparently, the soldiers were told to go easy on us before we got there so I felt camp was going to be a breeze. Second week came and a meeting was held. The camp commandant said we, the corpers were being very disrespectful (this was true, I won’t even lie πŸ˜‚) and they had to be stricter with us. That’s how they started throwing people in the guard room oh πŸ˜‚. Like literally anything you did wrong landed you in the guard room, even wearing slippers before it was lights out. They later slacked off in our last week but it really wasn’t funny. I was never thrown in there but someone in OBS who did said they labelled it ‘The thinking room’. Now that’s hilarious πŸ˜‚.

And it’s not a toilet lol

Third week came and it was supposed to be our week of major social activities. They held the Miss Big, Bold and Beautiful, Mr. Macho, Miss NYSC and Mr. Corporate and my platoon being useless didn’t even come close to winning anything. We also had a carnival which I slept throughout in (waste of my makeup πŸ˜‚) and we had no bonfire night because I didn’t see any wood talkless of fire. To be very honest, Adamawa camp is a dead camp.

Adamawa camp got me dead

Finally, the day we were to leave camp came. I was so happy but it didn’t show because I fell ill that day. It was so bad a number of people told me my body was so hot it could boil water. Till this moment, I haven’t fully gotten myself, to be honest. I didn’t leave Adamawa the day we finished camp because the latest flight out was by 12 and our closing ceremony didn’t end till 1 so most of us had already planned to stay in hotels. We could have stayed in camp but we heard the previous set before us got robbed and I personally wasn’t going to take any chances (had to protect the allawee πŸ˜‚) so hotel, we went. I can’t even say I enjoyed the hotel because I spent my entire stay trying to sleep my illness away.

The next day, it rained really heavily surprisingly but we found a way to get to the airport. My airline wasted time but eventually, we flew. You have to note that there’s no direct flight from Yola to Lagos; they always have to stop at Abuja and I really don’t know why. My plane encountered some turbulence the pilot considered ‘low’. The entire plane was shaking, people were getting scared, I was almost screaming ‘We’re going to die’ and he said the turbulence was low?? I really don’t want to be on a plane when it’s high πŸ˜….

Right after the plane settled, my left ear began to hurt. It was really painful and suddenly, I couldn’t hear properly from that ear: it was blocked. Yet the pain didn’t stop. I tried using my fingers to ease the pain to no avail. It hurt till we landed at Abuja and I had to ask one of the crew members if it was normal. He gave me a couple of mint sweets and asked if I had a cold which of course I did. He then told me I wasn’t supposed to fly with a cold because apparently colds and changes in altitude don’t mix very well. Eventually, my ear ‘popped’ twice and I could hear well again. The pain that came with it popping was brief but it made me visibly cringe, someone had to ask me if I was okay.

I wasn’t okay

Then my airline told us to get down and change planes, goodness knows why and we did. I got my seat but then I went to the restroom and when I came back, I just saw rows of adult heads that weren’t there when I left. I told the woman in my seat that she was in my seat and the rows of adults began telling me ‘You can’t tell anyone here to stand up’, ‘It’s free sitting’, ‘You should have told the hostess it was your seat’, but nobody offered an apology including the woman who was in my seat and who passed my bag to me. So entitled πŸ™„. The hostess tried to patronise me by calling me sweetheart but I ignored her because I was very upset and went to the back of the plane to get a window seat. A male crew member had to ask why I was coming all the way to the back because he knew where I sat and I told him I got bounced. The guy was like ‘You shouldn’t have let it go’. I shouldn’t have really but you can’t argue with older people telling you it’s free sitting πŸ™„.

Not long after, we began our flight to Lagos. After peeping at the man beside me’s texts to his girlfriend or sugar baby (I suspect the latter πŸ™ƒ), I began to doze hoping that my ear wouldn’t get blocked. Oh, how wrong I was. It began acting up again and this time my entire face was hurting 😭. Of course I couldn’t hear properly as well. I had to cope with the pain till we landed and then the popping began. It took about 5 pops for my ear to be normal again and it was sensitive for the rest of the day 😭. Later on, when I got home, I googled my symptoms and realised it was actually a thing. It’s called airplane ear or barotrauma. I didn’t have it when I was flying to Adamawa so mine was triggered by the cold I had. Definitely don’t want to experience that again.

So basically this post ends my Adamawa camp experiences. I really don’t want to return to the state itself because most people there don’t speak a lick of English and that’s not scary at all πŸ˜….

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post 😊. Don’t forget to like, share and comment 😊. I’ll see you in my next blog post, babiesss πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•.

My Corp Diary: One week in Adamawa

So here I am still surviving in the land of beauty and sun, Adamawa. I was going to write a rundown of each day as it went but I’m just going to list a few virtues and traits that have helped me and probably most people in this camp and relate it to my most interesting experiences.


Smartness: Remember I said I joined the OBS in my last post? Yeah, it’s been greattt 😊. Yes, I write captions for some of our IG posts (nysc.adamawa, if you’re interested 😊) and arrange chairs (which is honestly stressful cos it’s always scattered 😭) with the rest of the crew because apparently OBS is in charge of venue as well but apart from those, I’m pretty much useless πŸ˜‚. I sit around, laugh and play with fun people, skip parades and prevent my skin from getting burnt 😌 and charge my phone for freee (it’s 50 naira in the mammy market) 😊.

This is how good I feel to stab parades and not turn black 😊

Patience: I remember this one time I went to the tap to get water. This female saw me waiting for the girl fetching water to be done so I’ll get water yet she puts her bucket. I removed hers and put mine cos she must be insane or blind; I didn’t care which πŸ™„. She removed mine and put hers again and as I was about to lash her with my tongue, she told me she only needed a little water and I shouldn’t be angry. Damn, it pained me because the annoyance had built and I couldn’t let it out after the somewhat apology. So annoying 😀; people should be letting me vent before apologizing ah.


Adaptation: I like to think of myself as someone who adapts to situations really fast and I am really but waking up early is not my thing especially by 3 and 4am 😭. Our life is regimented by a bugle (if I hear those nonsense noises from anyone after I leave this camp ehn 😀) and whistles but that’s not even the problem. The problem is I don’t know how to wake up early 😭 because we sleep by like 10:30, 11pm. Waking up by 3 or 4am because of the queue at the bathroom and because parade is by 5am is exhausting fo’real ☹️. If I didn’t have my two friends (shout out to Motunrayo and Ademidun πŸ‘…πŸ’•), I’d be a smelly mess, lol.


Also we have pit toilets here which personally, I feel is the best type of toilet 😌. If you remember ‘Five things you’re probably doing wrong’, squatting helps to increase the functionality of the bowel and a pit toilet gives you exactly that 😌. Also, they’re really easy to clean and the ones here are usually always clean. A lot of people complained about the toilets and got little buckets they turned into potties but I’m actually enjoying the toilets πŸ˜‚.

Plus we don’t have lockers or anything. Before I got here, I thought ‘There’ll definitely be lockers or something. Definitely definitely’. Wrong. There’s nothing. We live out of our boxes. If you’ve ever lived out of your box, you should know how extremely annoying it is. I couldn’t manage at first because it had been a while but after a couple days, I was good. Fast adapter 😎.

Wise spending: Honestly camp is a place where money leaves you fast especially if you don’t eat the kitchen food or you’re partial to alcohol 🌚. Before the week ended, I’d finished close to 10k; if you ask me what I used the money for, I promise I can’t tell you. So after that mighty money slapping shock, I became smarter and began checking my spending. I’m broke at the moment but I did try to spend wisely πŸ˜‚.


I would have written a lot more but at this moment, I can’t remember a lot because this Adamawa camp has been sucking my memory πŸ˜‚. So please manage my little write-up, babiesss.

Until my next blog post, I remain Seun, the corper πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•. Don’t forget to like, comment, share and most importantly enjoy 😊.

My Corp Diary: My trip to Adamawa NYSC camp

Yes, you saw right. Adamawa NYSC camp. I’m going to be making diary like entries on my blog so you’ll get the full gist about this unscheduled trip. This is my first entry 😊, enjoyyy 😊.I was just sitting down on my own, laughing at states people got and I just saw Adamawa. I thought it was probably my surname because it also starts with ‘Ad’, checked again, Adamawa. I wanted to run mad. I became really depressed and so was my mum; we complained and wailed but we decided I’d go. Air peace gave me my first blow. Flight that was 27,000 and a little became 43 thousand and a little. I couldn’t cry, I couldn’t weep and I personally complained a lot but I took that very expensive flight.Blackish-cryingGot to the airport, luggage was too much but we found a way around it and then I went through the scanner. The woman asked to go through my bag. I let her, of course. She checked and commented that I had a lot of liquids. I nodded. She told me to drink it ‘just incase’. I felt it was regular and obliged until I went in and saw someone else who I began talking to with a bottle of water. I just said lemme ask if she was asked to drink her water and she said no. Wow. So now I look like a terrorist, guys.

Can’t believe I look like a terrorist

Entered the plane and had a pretty safe flight with little turbulence but as the plane went up and down, my stomach went with it. It got to a point that it went up and down so much, I almost threw up. As I was feeling this way, I kept thinking about all the American films on planes I’d watched and was calculating if the plane would crash or not; American film has finished my life. The airline served us ‘snacks’. If you see the finely shaped tasteless bread I was given ehn, I was just fighting tears. The tea was milk-less ( I saw her pour it like a sip 😭) and sugar-less because the tiny packet of sugar wasn’t enough 😭. The clouds were so pretty though and I got to finally use airplane mood legitimately πŸ˜‚.

Pretty cloudsss
Another one 😊
Just look at nice looking horrible tasting bread

After stopping at Abuja to refuel and fighting the urge to not put on my data during the flight, we got to Adamawa. When we began our descent, all I saw was vegetation, no houses; I was wondering what was going on. Then we got close to the airport and flashes of light from roofs hit us in a torrent, whoosh; a lot of them use zinc roofs, ah ahn.We got to the airport and cab guy said 5k. I was just thinking ‘It’s not me that they’ll scam in Adamawa’. I made two friends, we found one more person, we priced it to 4k and we moved to camp. I got to camp and I couldn’t find the key to my box though I found it later sha but I spent the rest of the day losing my documents and my passport photographs; I felt like a total klutz 😭. The soldiers laughed at me because I called my mum to ask her about the key so ‘Mummy’s girl’ but they let me go inside without searching me 😊. Registration was stupidly long and I got referred to Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS) twice and I signed up. As I’m writing this, I’m waiting for an OBS meeting. Then I collected my kit. Everything they gave me was extra extra large and I went to complain as a good girl but what did I receive? Shout: I was shouted at to go slim fit it with my own money, rude people and that took 1, 500 from my pocket, whoosh.

Money vamoosing from my pocket

The amendment took a lot of time but I finally had it done; it’s not perfect but I’ll manage. I don’t have a choice anyway. Then I went to the warehouse to settle in and look for what to eat. The warehouse is the hostel. If you see this place, you’ll know that it’s a warehouse; I’ll show you some pictures.

Adamawa NYSC warehouse

All the female corpers reside in that warehouse almost hip to hip. It would have been okay if we had fans and light but no, the fans are very few and we have like three bulbs. So if you don’t have a flashlight, you’re literally roaming blind. The heat was so much in that hostel because we are so many with only the open gate and the few fans as a source of ventilation and I slept butt naked. I do it normally so it wasn’t a new thing for me, heh.

Sleeping naked is best 😌

At the end of my day which was 12 the next morning, I had eaten some very spicy (not Yoruba type 🌚) of jollof rice, plantain, coleslaw I didn’t eat because it tasted nasty and I knew it could make me purge and beef that wasn’t beef.So all in all, this camp isn’t great at all; it’s a dead camp and we haven’t received our ID cards. Lemme give a run down.
Accommodation: Really horrid to be honest. You can see the pictures.
Water: Constant though 4 taps for the entire female corpers isn’t great.
Light: Constant as well but as we have 3 bulbs, we don’t really care.
Mammy market: It’s not so expensive with some certain things but with some, annoying as hell.
People: Some are really nice but some are just downright rude. The woman at the store was just telling people to get out when they came to change their too large or too small clothes. It was really annoying.Fingers crossed I get the time to write more interesting things about Adamawa stateee 😊. Till later, babies πŸ’•πŸ’•. Don’t forget to read, like, comment and most importantly, enjoy 😊.

John Wick 3

Hi babiesss. My first movie of the year happened to be John Wick 3. Amazing, yes? Well, it was okay yet annoying. I’m going to proceed to tell you why.

When I first heard there was going to be a 3rd John Wick, I was just like ‘Why?’. Fine, I remembered John Wick 2 ended where they were supposed to hunt him down for breaking the rules at the hotel but there are some movies that are just better left for us to wonder in mystery. Maybe I’m really just saying rubbish and we all deserved a John Wick 3 because I’m biased: I’ve always felt John Wick was overhyped (don’t come for me πŸ˜‚). Anyhoo, lemme give you my little review of John Wick 3 and I promise not to be biased.

Because I’m trying to be unbiased πŸ˜‚.

John Wick 3 started great. The movie pretty much picked up where they left off in John Wick 2 so if you’ve forgotten what happened in 2, please refresh your memory before you watch it; don’t be like me who got a little confused πŸ˜‚. We all know John Wick killed a guy with a book and I promise you it was insane. Every action scene from the beginning was bloody, scream inducing and totally worth it. I’m serious when I say there’s nobody who didn’t scream in my cinema screen πŸ˜‚; both males and females. That’s just how good or gory (depending on you πŸ˜‚) it was. I probably screamed the loudest, I won’t even lie πŸ˜‚.


The movie went on with yet more gory fight scenes especially those head shotssss and we got introduced to some new characters. And then we got to the middle, closer to the end and I just got bored. Why? The action scenes went from sensible and mind-blowing to boring and overdone. There were so many chances to kill John Wick and they didn’t take it so he ended up killing most of them which honestly makes no sense; it went from realistic to a downright joke real quick.

At the end, we saw John Wick get betrayed which was actually kinda sad and then we also saw that he didn’t die after being shot and falling off a building which was just too amazingly unrealistic 🍿. One thing’s for sure though: We’re definitely going to have a John Wick 4. Apparently, it’s going to be out in May 2021. Wow, two years.


So how do I rate this movie? I give it an 8 over 10. It’s an action flick so yeah, it’s definitely full of action. It has little or no plot because it was basically about John Wick trying not to die. There was a lot of flow between the characters and I feel like they did their parts really well. The guys who did all those effects with all that blood and slicing, yeah, kudos to them πŸ‘πŸΌ. But then there’s a point at which action just becomes bleh and they passed that point which was pretty disappointing after such an exciting movie and of course the unrealistic parts, can’t forget that.

Do I want you to see John Wick? Yes. Definitely yes. Will you be annoyed at the end? Yes, it’s very likely you will be πŸ˜‚. It didn’t do bad as my first movie of the year and you guys noticed I didn’t try to spoil it for you incase you hadn’t watched it. Praise me 😌. Hehe, this takes me back to the time I wrote ‘Have you seen Peppermint?‘ where I likened the main character to a female John Wick πŸ˜‚.

Till next time, my babies πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•.

The Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Hi guysss. Have you heard about apple cider vinegar? People that know me personally know how much I advocate for this beautyyy 😍😍. If you have, you probably know how wonderful this vinegar is.

It’s commonly known as ACV and is honestly one of the best products ever. If you’ve read Skin Care, you’ll definitely remember me talking about ACV.So let’s ignore my excessive gushing and talk about why I feel apple cider vinegar is magical for the body, eh? πŸ’«

1. It’s perrrfect for the skin:Apple cider vinegar really makes your skin pop because it removes pimples and black spots which of course will make your skin smooth and give you a glimmering glow (πŸ˜‚ I’m extra). Like I said in Skin Care, you have to do it consistently because natural products don’t work as fast as other unnatural products. I use it when I’m not feeling too lazy to apply it cos honestly, I’m lazy πŸ˜‚. For further warnings, read Skin Care 😌.

2. It’s good for dandruff ridden hair:


One time I was doing some research on what I could do to my hair because I have really really terrible dandruff: that type that flakes that’s really unattractive and I saw something about apple cider vinegar being used for hair. I was supposed to use it as some sort of conditioner but my lazy self uses instead as some kind of hair cleanser. Thing is, it still works πŸ€ΈπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ!

When I feel like my hair’s dirty, I just put some apple cider vinegar on cotton wool or a cotton pad and clean my hair with it and the dirt comes out. Who knew I had such a magic tool at home 😁?

3. It’s also great for sore throat:As I was scrolling through Google looking for more uses of all my all purpose elixir 😏, I saw that it was good for sore throat: basically you just gargle and spit out. So I decided to test it out when I could. Somehow not long after, I developed sore throat; maybe it was my mind, I don’t even know πŸ€”.


So I gargled the apple cider vinegar and I swallowed it instead of spitting it out. I’m here to tell you that it worked. The pain reduced almost instantaneously and when I gargled it the next day, it was just gone. You don’t have to swallow it though; infact don’t do it. There’s no drop of sugar in it and it’s so sour you feel like you got slapped. Apart from that, apple cider vinegar is amazinggg.

4. Cures yeast infections:Are you one of those people who are prone to yeast infections like me? If you are, I’m sorry; I relate hard. Mine was so bad there was this one time I was having them reoccurringly every week. It was insane and extremely itchy. Remember that time in when I talked about putting ACV in my vulva? Yeah, this is the story πŸ˜‚.


Medicine didn’t seem to be working so I decided to try for natural ways to cure them and what did I see? Apple cider vinegar 😏. So the instruction was to dilute the ACV and apply to the vagina but me being stubborn and forming hard guy, I applied it undiluted. I won’t even lie, it burned 😭😭; it was like my vagina was on fire but after a couple minutes of dancing around, the itching stopped. Like stopped. It was amazing. I was supposed to use it consistently but of course, I didn’t (I should really stop this 😭) so they kept coming back. Still, once I used the apple cider vinegar, the itching would stop. See how magical this thing is yet 😁?

5. Weight loss:

I personally haven’t tried to use apple cider vinegar to lose weight because au contraire, I’m trying to add weight (and failing seriously, no biggie πŸ˜ŠπŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ)


but I’ve heard and read stories of people that swear by apple cider vinegar helping them to lose weight. They just mix some in a glass of water and drink it every morning and it’ll cleanse the system. I believe the stories because it’s apple cider vinegar and I feel like it can do sooo many things πŸ’πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ.

6. Helps with indigestion: Sometime last week, I was just sleeping, dreaming about food and suddenly I burped. I immediately woke up. Why? It was the smell of that burp: it smelled like rotten eggs or like something died in your tummy. My sister and me coined it ‘vomit belch’ because it’s too accurate. So after wandering around, drinking lots of water, using the toilet and thinking about how dead I was because I have massive diarrhoea when I have indigestion; infact I lose weight, weight I don’t even have 😭, I decided to check the internet.


And voila, one of the home remedies was to try two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in warm water. So I got my handy ACV 😌 and did just that. I kept on burping my vomit belch but by the time I was drinking the very not-sweet-at-all mixture, they didn’t have a smell anymore 😊. I was so happy because this happened in a few hours. Normally, my indigestion takes days and people close to me can testify πŸ˜‚.

Do you see why I love apple cider vinegar? You don’t even need to use it; just have it in your house. Someday, you or someone around you will definitely need it. Also, a little goes a long way so you can just close your eyes and get one; I’ve had mine for 2 years and some. There are many other things that apple cider can do; it’s almost limitless but these are the ones I’ve gotten feedback on so it’s why I’m so sure. So buy one, use it or not but remember it was me who inspired you 😏.

Share your ACV stories if you have any 😊. And don’t forget to shareee. Byee, my lovelies πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•.

Oh and it’s my birth month 😊: the last day of the month and it’s not 30th πŸ˜’.